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Nyumbani Crew is a simple and straightforward income-generating program by NyumbaniKenya property listing service. You will never be required to pay any fees. Nyumbani Crew is free forever!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Nyumbani Crew is a simple and straightforward income-generating program by NYUMBANIKENYA real estate service. This program is created specifically for the youth in Kenya. It was started as a part-time or full-time job to enable Kenyan youth to make money. Registration is open to citizens from any part of the country and there are no academic qualifications required to become a member. There are no registration fees required. Nyumbani Crew is free forever!

Every Kenyan citizen qualifies to become a member of Nyumbani Crew. 

Registration is done in a few simple steps. Simply enter your details in the registration form on our REGISTRATION PAGE.
  1. Nyumbani Crew members identify and recommend property owners and recommend them to list the property on nyumbanikenya.com
  2. Nyumbani Crew members will also be assigned specific duties to complete and earn a payment.

You will earn a minimum of KSH100 for every single listing you initiate. There is no maximum amount. You can make as much money as you wish.

You will provide a phone number to where all payments will be sent to. The number has to be registered with Airtel Kenya, Safaricom or Telkom

It’s simple. Visit Nyumbanikenya.com and check if the property has been listed on the website.

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